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WordPress Website Builder Review

The WordPress Website Builder it’s one of the most popular interfaces for blogging. You can get a ton of free themes and plugins and aside from your yearly hosting costs, the website builder is totally free.

Adding text is a total breeze and with the right themes (usually paid ones) you will have the ability to customize basic things in the template (i.e. header/logo design and location of sidebar or navigation areas). But, apart from that you’d have to get some programming help.

Adding text is super easy and depending on the theme you pick changing the look or location of you sidebars, heading colors, etc is also pretty easy. The confusion with most people is how to deal with widgets and plugins. Then of course there’s the confusing concept of setting up the wordpress website blogging feature as a website and a blog. It’s a great feature, but it confuses people.


On page SEO isn’t quite the complex game that it once was but there still are certain criteria that you need to follow in order to get onto Google’s good side. With WordPress you can install the “All-in-one-SEO plugin”.


The WordPress website builder is a pretty decent option for both newbies and programming veterans. If you work with a good WordPress template you can create a really nice site without a lot of effort.

Customer Service:

If you go with a good theme you’ll be able to get get support from the theme provider or members of their forum. Plus, since WordPress is a widely use blogging software, there’s a ton of free info online (you tube, etc) and you can also find a ton of people to do work on it for very little money. Elance is a great resource for this.

Value of Extra Features:

WordPress has extra features “plugins”. There are easily thousands of plugins available online. You can find something for almost every need or niche. The more general or common plugins are free. BUT, some of the more specialized ones do cost a fee – usually not more than $25.

Overall Rating:

All things considered this is a pretty good option for those who want to DIY. You CAN make something pretty cool, it’s still a lot cheaper than getting something custom made, AND since it’s super popular it’s easy enough to get help for cheap.

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