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Landing Page Design for Conversions

A quick look at the analytical data provided by your website is likely to tell you several things. First, the vast majority of your visitors are leaving your website within seconds of hitting the page. Second, the next largest group may attempt to convert by making a purchase or providing their contact information, but will become frustrated by the process. Finally, the smallest percentage of your visitors will actually convert to either paying customers or new leads. This poses a problem to every website owner, regardless of their marketing budget. The solution, quite simply, is landing page design for conversions or Conversion Optimization. This is the ongoing process of changing and testing your landing page to achieve the optimal number of conversions.

When reviewing your landing page, there are several critical areas you should pay close attention to. By tweaking these areas and testing them for maximum effect you will see an increase in your conversion rate.

Headline: Your headline is typically the first item a new visitor to your site will see and read. Because of this, it offers you the largest chance to increase your rate of conversion. Your headline should be clear, concise and state why your product or service is the best or what unique benefit you can offer. The headline is like a one sentence ad informing visitors of what you and you website has to offer. This also has to be relevant with the ad (PPC or Banner Ad) where the users clicked to get to your site in the first place.

Offer: Sometimes called a ‘call to action,’ the offer is the portion of your landing page that asks a reader to do something. Whether you are asking a visitor to make a purchase, opt-in or sign up, the language and position of your offer on your landing page is another excellent way to increase your conversion rate.

Lead: The first paragraph of your landing page is another area that can be used to improve conversions. By writing content that is clear and compelling you stand an excellent chance of convincing a visitor to stick around, read more and convert.

Benefits: Using a bullet point presentation to present key benefits of your product line or service is another way to convince visitors to convert. Today’s fast pace world means visitors want to know what benefits you offer quickly and concisely. Bullet points will also draw the users’ eye.

Images: Images can impact how a visitor views your company and product lines. Avoid using generic pictures and instead use images that are specific to your niche. Place images to the left of your descriptions and include a caption for maximum effect.

Other areas to consider when designing your landing page are the look and placement of buttons, how you present pricing information, the overall formatting of your page and ease of navigation. All of these elements combine to create an easy experience for your visitor and can improve your conversion rate. Redesigning and testing your landing page is the best way to improve conversion.

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