Guide on heavy tanks, which heavy tank to choose?

At the beginning of the game, you, like everyone else, begin to pump branches for your chosen country. After that, it seems to you that the tanks of this country are worse than those of the other and start swinging a branch of another country from the very beginning. Since the most common tanks in the game are mostly heavy tanks and PT-ACS , today all TTs will be considered once and for all. Hyde is relatively small, because The main advantages and characteristics of heavy tanks of all countries will be considered. And after that certain heavy tanks will be chosen, for different types of games.

So let’s start with the heavy tanks of the USSR. There is nothing to talk about, they are great. Their characteristics are impressive: speed, damage, armor – all these indicators are very good, and are as balanced as possible. It can be said that Soviet heavy tanks (TT) in the game are presented as a cross between heavy tanks of Germany and the USA. In the TT branch of the USSR it is best to pump the branch to the end through the branch of KV tanks to IS-4 – this is if power is important to you! If the main thing for you is mobility, then you can pump a branch through the IS tanks. But do not forget that the EC-4 is much better than the EC-7 . In World of Tanks, experience is gained quite quickly, especially with a premium account, so it is quite possible to get to the top tank and very quickly.

And now for the heavy tanks of Germany. Here you can also get two heavy tanks when pumping a TT branch. This is of course the WoT E-100 and MAUS . Both tanks have a very large armor and safety margin, the most important record holder: MAUS, but it is too slow and maneuvering is almost at zero (figuratively speaking). Germany’s TTs are balanced for armor, their damage is also quite large, for example, for the same E-100 to 750 from the gun and plus the damage from the projectile itself. In this case, you should download the branch leading to the E-100, it will be most effective in combat, especially if you have a good team.

US heavy tanks, unlike their competitors, have only one branch. There is no special choice, you can only emphasize the very high accuracy of the guns in heavy US tanks and the rate of fire at 6 rounds per minute. In contrast to the same TT Germany and the USSR in 1,5-2 times more. Armor is big but only in the forehead, in the tower, in the case …

Heavy tanks of France are not like the others. Branch for pumping only one. Armor of course leaves much to be desired, but at least in the forehead it passes for 100. If we consider the last tank in the branch, namely the AMX 50B , then it is immediately obvious that it has the highest accuracy among all heavy tanks of all levels. With such a gun is difficult to miss. Two more big advantages: the speed of movement is 65 km / h (it drives like a light tank, with maneuverability everything is fine too) and of course the drum is loaded for 4 rounds. In just a few seconds, you can pour in such a huge damage to any tank that every 9th level TT will simply be destroyed.

Let’s sum up. If you like a fun, dynamic game, then your tanks are: AMX 50B and EC-4, you can safely pump them. If damage is more important to you in a dynamic game, then swing the Frenchman, you cannot go wrong. Otherwise, the EC-4. But suddenly, you like to keep your enemies and be “Reinforced”, it does not matter, the E-100 will always be waiting for you in its hangar, you can safely begin to swing its branch. Finally, if absolutely none of this suits you, you may like the American heavy tank T110E5 , in general, it is also good, but it’s hard to play for it, but it’s worth a try.

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