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    Sydney Australia Taronga Zoo

    The Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia provides visitors with a unique experience as it also has one of the best views of the city. It is set on 50 acres of prime location with a magnificent view on over the Sydney Harbour.

    The best experience is when you visit the zoo from Cirlular Quay as the ferry provides you with a great view of the Opera House and bridge while the short cable-car ride up to the zoo entrance adds even more to the trip. Lern more on Boffest.

    The Giraffes at Taronga Zoo can often be seen in photos with the Sydney CBD in the background as their enclosure is at the top of the hill with a great view of the city.

    Recently a new elephant enclosure provided a lot of excitement as it welcomed Asian elephants.

    The elephant’s camp is home to over 200 animals including 5 elephants playing in an artificial jungle representing more than 27,000 plants. It also includes a beautifull Asian river and waterfall while showcasing a traditional Asian village that can be experienced while you have lunch at the Taronga Food Market.

    Koalas and kangaroos are always a popular attraction as they represent the Australian wildlife symbols internationally. The platypus is also a favourite among many visitors.

    Evening tours are a great option as many animals are nocturnal and try to live a life of seclution. The evening tours also provide a different view of the cats that are more active in the evening.

    Dingos are native Australian yellow dogs and they are located close to the Tasmanian Devils.

    If you don’t feel like taking the ferry to the zoo you can also travel by car or bus.