Batman Arkham City Remastered?

Arkham City will not make you quite satisfied with just completing the main plot. This game still has many things in addition to trophy / achievement, which is enough to make me still want to play it again and again. By completing the game the first time, gamers will unlock the New Game Plus, an option that allows you to repeat the scenario, while bringing all the progress that has been collected with a harder difficulty. You can complete the whole Batman’s upgraded, continue to collect a variety of Riddler’s Challenge for the remaining Batman and Catwoman, as well as completing all the side missions that you previously might not have had time to accomplish. For gamers who enjoy how Batman in action beat his opponents, Challenge Map in Batman : Arkham City will obviously be valuable to be abandoned. There is a record that can be defeated in the Ranked Challenge, a series of Riddler Campaign to be resolved, and Custom Challenge where you can turn on certain conditions to complete. Interested in playing with the DLC Robin and Nightwing?

Yup, Batman was my hero, and Batman : Arkham City seems almost to realize all the things I can imagine as the “bat man”. I liked the way Stealth & Predators are more varied, Freeflow Combat system that has been deepened, more gadgets, the opponents, and how Rocksteady pack the whole Arkham City. Oh yes, also an impressive opening with Bruce Wayne.

Overall, Arkham Asylum and now, Batman : Arkham City, was enough to satisfy me, about how a Batman game should be. If there is any further development, I hope Rocksteady ready with a number of things that have not been fulfilled in Batman : Arkham City.

Well, did you heard the news? Both¬†Arkham Asylum and Batman : Arkham City are getting remastered for PS4 and Xbox one according to the article from this site. They plan to combine both games into one called¬†Batman Arkham HD Collection. I can’t wait….

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